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Changes coming to the ARMS website.

We’re planning some significant changes to the Applied Race Management website. The biggest news is that ARMS is now hosting the  . You can find it at . We are most excited at this change because it has expanded the ARMS calendar to include HARRC’s races. Now you will see race listings from far and wide.  In addition, we are working to make the website a one stop shop for all things running and racing.

We have also expanded our advertisement space on the site. We think it is going to give race directors great exposure and provide you, the runner,  access to far more races.

Beginning in late April or May the site will have a new look. The new design will give us a fresh appearance and will work better on mobile devices. It will also be better for viewing our photo and video galleries.

Our blog is changing, too. We plan regular posts and updates, and our hope is that this space will become an interactive community for runners to engage with each other, exchange ideas about running or maybe just to find someone to run with. I know from my experience that I always see people in the area running, but there’s not a coordinated running group in the Elizabethtown area. I want ARMS to help out with that. Honestly, as a runner I always like running with people and want to facilitate that for other runners as well. Our blog will also be tied into our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts so you can find us when you are on the run.

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