Race Results for Year 2022

DateRace NameResult Type
1/16/22Frozen Foot Race 1Age Group
1/16/22Frozen Foot Race 1Overall
2/20/22Frozen Foot Race 2Age Group
2/20/22Frozen Foot Race 2Overall
3/20/22Frozen Foot Race 3Age Group
3/20/22Frozen Foot Race 3Overall
3/20/22Frozen Foot Series ResultsSeries
5/8/22Mother’s Day 5KAge Group
5/8/22Mother’s Day 5KOverall
5/14/22Patriots Run 5KOverall
5/21/22Arm of Hope 5KAge Group
5/21/22Arm of hope 5KOverall
5/21/22Rock n GlowAge Group
5/21/22Rock n GlowOverall
8/27/22Honey Run 5KAge Group
8/27/22Honey Run 5KOverall
9/10/22Sasquatch Preservation Trail Run 5KAge Group
9/10/22Sasquatch Preservation Trail Run 5KOverall
9/10/22Sasquatch Preservation Trail Run 10KAge Group
9/10/22Sasquatch Preservation Trail Run 10KOverall
9/17/22Totally 80s East Petersburg 5KAge Group
9/17/22Totally 80s East Petersburg 5KOverall
9/17/22Hershey Miracle 5KAge Group
9/17/22Hershey Miracle 5KOverall
10/8/22America’s Finest Law Enforcement 5K Age Group
10/8/22America’s Finest Law Enforcement 5KOverall
11/24/22The Great Turkey Chase 5KAge Group
11/24/22The Great Turkey Chase 5KOverall
11/24/22New Oxford Turkey TrotAge Group
11/24/22New Oxford Turkey TrotOverall
12/3/22Manheim Santa Run 5KAge Group
12/3/22Manhein Santa Run 5KOverall

Elizabethtown College Blue Jay Homecoming Alumni 5K Run
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